Puppet Camp Atlanta

Shadow-Soft’s Clint Savage is presenting at Puppet Camp Atlanta at the Georgia Tech Learning Center. Puppet Camp is a community oriented gathering of Puppet users and developers. Attendees have the opportunity to network with a diverse group of Puppet users, benefit from insightful lectures delivered by prominent community members, and be able to share experiences and discuss potential implementations of Puppet during our attendee generated breakout sessions. This Puppet Camp was offered as a free registration for the entire day with a great line up of presenters.

Clint’s session involves using Active Directory or LDAP as the authentication source, using puppet to update when a new user is added and setting up proper authentications with pam, sssd, ssh and /etc/security/access.conf, among other considerations.

Clint in action:

Clint Savage-Puppet Camp

Stay tuned for updates on the Puppet Southeast Users Group and future Puppet Labs events.

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