Puppet Enterprise 2.5 Released – And it now supports Windows

Puppet Labs is at it again with its release of Puppet Enterprise 2.5.  Shadow-Soft has been eager to see this release since the rumor that PE 2.5 would support Windows. That rumor has been confirmed with the release of PE 2.5.  The video below shows how to install Puppet Enterprise on your windows machine.

Puppet Forge Integration is another groundbreaking feature available in PE 2.5.  Why waste time reinventing the wheel when you can download over 300 free modules from the online marketplace.

Also released in this version is Role-Based Access Control.  This enables you to give read only access for those that need to see what the environment looks like.  You can now share information while keeping control.

The Puppet Data Library (PDL) gives you detailed data about each server’s hardware and software inventories, configuration changes, and resource dependencies.  Big Data for Infrastructure.

Want to try Puppet Enterprise for free?  Contact sales@shadow-soft.com and we will help you get started by managing 10 nodes for free.