Shadow-Soft and Icinga Announce Partnership

Icinga monitoring is scalable + extensible, providing resource availability, outage notifications and extensive BI data. Organizations use monitoring solutions like Icinga to help automate their datacenter, normally as part of a DevOps strategy.

“Icinga is a well established and active community with hundreds of users, developers and committers. However, sometimes you need enterprise support, especially for mission critical environments or compliance,” said James Chinn, CEO of Shadow-Soft. “With this partnership, Shadow-Soft and Icinga are able to leverage their collective expertise in Open Source solutions and provide US & Canadian based customers with compliant Enterprise Icinga Support.”

“Icinga2 is a great example of why Open Source is winning. Shadow-Soft is working hand-in-hand with Icinga and it’s community to create modern platform monitoring solutions with all of the cutting edge features that enterprises expect for 2016 and beyond. However, we are doing so on the foundation of proven technology that has the robustness that organizations can expect out of a mature product line” said Tony Stafford, Vice President of Technical Solutions at Shadow-Soft.

Bernd Erk, Co-Founder of Icinga added, “We already have a huge community in the US, it is very important for us to have a highly qualified partner covering that market for Icinga. Based on our long standing relationship, we are very happy working together with Shadow-Soft to increase our community and be the leading Open Source monitoring platform.”

About Shadow-Soft

Shadow-Soft is an award-winning, Open Source integrator, committed to solving critical business challenges using open technologies. For nearly a decade we’ve been a leader in DevOps, Middleware, Cloud, BigData and Security solutions. Our expert consulting and managed services teams specialize in migrating legacy applications, modernizing and optimizing infrastructure, deploying Agile + DevOps methodologies through orchestration + automation, and maintaining these environments on public or private clouds. We are headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in Reston, Virginia and Charleston, South Carolina.