Our Partners Rock – Shadow-Soft Partner Kickoff 2017

Second only to customers, our technology partnerships are extremely important to Shadow-Soft’s integration business. Through the Open Source solutions our partners create, Shadow-Soft empowers our customers to free themselves from vendor lock-in, allowing them to take the power back from proprietary vendors. At its core, this is what Shadow-Soft is all about.

Our First Partner

Back in 2008 when we founded the company, we started with one partner – Red Hat. Red Hat is the Open Source Software pioneer that perfected the art of providing enterprise hardened, open source software. From our roots, we knew this is what customers demanded: the benefits of openness but with enterprise stability and support.

Now, almost nine years later, Shadow-Soft is proud to partner with many more mainstream open source publishers that offer infrastructure, cloud, middleware, security and DevOps solutions that empower, rather than lock customers in. (If you haven’t guessed, empowering our customers is a big deal to us.)

2017 Partner Kick-Off Event

To keep close to our partners and their ever changing roadmaps, we recently invited our partners to our Atlanta office for a 2017 kick-off event. Over the course of two days, each partner presented marketplace insights, exciting upcoming features, and how customers are best using their technologies to get & stay ahead. We covered high-level topics, had many deep-dive sessions with our technical teams, and incorporated some fun with go-kart racing and golf.

Key Insights

To highlight a few new-comers to the festivities this year, here are some unique takeaways for our team.
Conjur, who provides secrets management for enterprise DevOps & Cloud deployments, made a huge impact on our understanding of security in an automated world. As DevOps & Cloud hit the mainstream, managing SSH keys and server credentials manually becomes ridiculously complex. Conjur fixes that and many other “secrets” related challenges.

Leadership for Cisco’s NEW Digital Solution Partner Program was also present in full force. We were recently invited to be an inaugural member of this program. Learning how Cisco is evolving their go-to-market strategy around private, hybrid, and multi-cloud was eye-opening. It’s great to be a boutique integrator who delivers these kinds of complex solutions.

Final Thoughts

It was an invaluable two days for the Shadow-Soft team, and I am personally excited about taking what we learned and the tactics we developed into the marketplace. As we always do, all of these new ideas will be used to empower our customers with the right technology and the right skills at the right time so they differentiate themselves and stay ahead of the competition. And it is companies like Red Hat, Icinga, Chef, Puppet, Mesosphere, Chocolatey, Conjur, MariaDB, AppDynamics, Cisco, Microsoft Azure, Carasoft, Immix, TechData and SYNNEX that allow us to do this.

A special thank you to all the partners who invested in our ongoing relationship. I look forward to a great year and to see all of you again next year!



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