OpenShift Users Group – San Diego, CA

Join Red Hat, Shadow-Soft, and Solute Consulting for a hands on open source PaaS workshop

When: October 23rd or October 24th, 9am-1pm
Where: Solute Consulting – 4250 Pacific Hwy #211, San Diego, CA 92110
Who: PEOC4I & SSCPAC – Space is limited.  Register Today!
Lunch will be provided (fair share)

Learn how to quickly provision, create, and deploy web applications to the cloud using Red Hat’s OpenShift
Enterprise PaaS software. This seminar will provide a series of hands on lab exercises that introduce OpenShift’s easy to use client tools.


  • How to quickly create, deploy and monitor an application to the cloud from a web browser.
  • Install and manage a professional looking blog site in minutes.
  • Use OpenShift’s command line interface (CLI) to control an application life cycle.
  • See how JBoss Developer Studio integrates with a real PaaS to create a J2EE application.

Laptops will be provided to each attendee. To get the most out of this seminar, attendees should be familiar with a basic web developer framework such as PHP, Ruby, HTML, or Java. Lunch will be provided as “fair share” and will comply with all government regulations.


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