OpenShift Cost Management: What You Need To Know

Given the large increase in telework demands as well as online services due to COVID-19, organizations are finding themselves more taxed than ever regarding infrastructure and technology to maintain operability. The flexibility of the cloud has afforded organizations to the ability to dynamically scale online services/workloads; transforming what used to be CapEx in infrastructure to a Variable Cost. Although, having insights into these costs and managing budget has been a challenge.  It has become critically important that IT teams can more quickly and easily see the totality of their IT costs across the hybrid cloud.

Enter OpenShift Cost Management. It is a free service as part of a Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform subscription.

OpenShift Cost Management provides: 

  • A simplified, more intuitive view into infrastructure costs
  • Macro to granular cost analysis views and data of an OpenShift deployment

OpenShift Cost Management is available through, OpenShift Cost Management offers a true hybrid cloud cost management service that goes beyond just public cloud cost management. When combined with the Advanced Cluster Management tool, OpenShift provides real insights, governance, and control of your OpenShift environments across the hybrid cloud.

A unified view of aggregates and displays of the costs of your OCP deployments on:

  • Bare-metal servers
  • VMs
  • Private clouds
  • Public cloud infrastructure (AWS and Microsoft Azure)

OpenShift cost management enables:

  • Cost models – for applying markup ratios to monitored infrastructure, reflecting real costs of a production environment
  • Tagging – to map charges to projects and internal organizations, using an organization’s existing taxonomy/org structure

OpenShift Cost Management will help manage the overall costs of an OpenShift environment in the face of dynamic, evolving global challenges (like COVID-19). This tool will provide critical, valuable insight into costs and budgetary concerns for customers across all environments for their OpenShift deployments meaning they will no longer have to hop between cost management tools and dashboards from public cloud providers or internal/vendor-based tools for on-prem.

Do you need help enabling your team to use and manage Red Hat OpenShift or manage hybrid cloud cost management? Contact us to learn more about our implementation and enablement services.