City of Raleigh Goes Open Source

Open source is more than software.  It is a different way of of presenting and consuming information.  Raleigh, North Carolina has made strides to set an example of what an open government community looks like.  With the launch of Open Raleigh, residents can access a wide range of data that would be seemingly difficult to find in the past.  Interested in fire incidents in 2012?  There is a datasheet for that.  Crime reports, trail areas, building permits, public and private parking, all at your disposal.  According to the City of Raleigh website, the Raleigh City Council unanimously adopted an Open Source Resolution.  “The city is committed to an open source strategy that highlights transparency, collaboration, and improved access to local government information and data.”  This open way of thinking has engaged city staff with with citizens, youth focuses programs, and local businesses.  It will be exciting to see the new developments and progress that take place over the next few years.