Discover more options with open source on Azure

If you’ve ever looked into programming and getting apps to market faster, you’ve probably heard of Azure, Microsoft’s hybrid solution to creating and deploying data in a public cloud system that can be accessed anywhere, anytime over the Internet.

With its many options, customization capabilities, and integrated infrastructure, Azure is the solution to many businesses developing needs. Azure is especially helpful for developers who want the advantages of the cloud without sacrificing the convenience and familiarity of open source tools and their chosen operating systems. Azure not only preserves the ease and reliability of open source tools, but enhances them.

Get more open source choices

One in four Azure virtual machines run Linux. Azure supports a range of open source technologies that you already know and trust, giving you the choice of sticking with your current open source system or optimizing your existing investments by developing and testing new open source components.

With Azure, you can choose to:

  • Run applications on your own data source, operating system, framework, programming language, and device
  • Innovate and experiment with different open source components to deliver high-quality apps
  • Get support for infrastructure as a service (laaS) on Linux, Java, and PHP Web application platforms

Azure allows you to use the open source tools you like and utilize the skills you already have to run virtually any application. Choose to stay with what you know or integrate your existing skills with new open source tools – the possibilities are endless!

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Optimize open source builds for the future

While cloud innovation and development is important, it’s equally critical to ensure that your open source developments can carry well into the future. Azure prepares your data for future technology and delivery by:

  • Forging new container capabilities with Docker integration, and
  • Improving user interactions with SDKs for open source languages and an open API.

Future-proofing what you build with open source is an especially hot topic with businesses today, as more and more companies work to make technology an advantage to their bottom line. By expecting the unexpected and getting scalable storage through Azure’s affordable infrastructure, you’ll ensure your business will remain relevant and on top of any problems or issues that may arise.

You’ll also be able to remotely access business data from anywhere, anytime, through the cloud. Transferring your data to the Azure cloud also adds a level of security to your IT investments, especially your open source developments.

Quick, efficient open source deployment

It doesn’t take long to start deploying open source frameworks and apps with Azure. In fact, you can start right away by building Node.js, Java, and Pythons apps with the Azure App Service, which helps you build and host web applications without having to manage infrastructure, using your choice of programming language. You don’t need to be an expert on configuring, deploying, or maintaining your business applications.

You can also bring in your favorite open source tools – including frameworks and container stacks – to kickstart your apps, making the process of creating and running apps smoother and more efficient. The user-friendly command line tools inside Azure similarly make the process of deploying Linux virtual machines quick and painless, often in only a matter of seconds.

Ready to ‘take the power back’ with open source technologies?

We know you need to innovate faster to stay ahead of the competition. Our team can help you embrace open source technologies on Azure so your developers and IT operations teams can build and ship faster.

Our Azure expertise, combined with our deep application development experience, can help you build and deploy best-in-class cloud applications on Microsoft Azure.

In fact, our Microsoft Cloud Gold partner status recognizes our Azure experience and past performance. We are one of a small handful of open source focused Azure partners.

Contact us today to organize a chat with our Open Source Azure team.

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Image credit: Microsoft Open Source Blog

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