NexxoData – Proving Performance Doesn’t Have to be Expensive


Converged Infrastructure/Reference Architecture solutions have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with many top OEM’s releasing converged offerings out into the marketplace.  These converged stacks have proven to be beneficial by reducing the overall time and cost of IT infrastructure design, deployment and management.  Today, many companies do not want to invest the time and effort into architecting “in house” complete solutions, so the idea of going with a tested and proven “drop in” stack has become a widely accepted practice.

Recently, a new compute stack has entered the market, specifically targeted to compete against Oracle’s Exxodata platform.  Welcome NexxoData. NexxoData has been specifically designed to improve performance and reduce the total cost of ownership by:

Accelerating deployment

NexxoData can be typically deployed and operational in 4 hours after delivered onsite.  This solution can be bundled, pre-loaded and pre-configured with VMware, Microsoft and Red Hat hypervisors.  Additionally, NexxoData can be pre-provisioned with a complete OpenStack environment if desired.

Consolidate workloads

NexxoData comes provisioned with a highly scalable Unified compute and storage solution.  You get the flexibility of Cisco UCS combined with a true multiprotocol Tegile storage array that can be all flash or a combination of flash and spinning disk.  File or block storage, structured or unstructured data, it does not matter you have the flexibility to do both.

Increase Performance

Increase the speed of your data with Tegile Flash storage.  Experience sub millisecond latency with an advanced flash storage system that takes advantage of Enterprise MLC SSDs.  No additional licensing required to utilize what should be standard features like data deduplication, compression and replication.

Reduce cost by replacing Oracle with Enterprise DB Postgres

Tired of paying the high cost for Oracle?  Migrate your applications to Postgres!  Many companies today are ditching Oracle and embracing open solutions like PostgreSQL.  If you can’t dump Oracle entirely, let our NexxoData team help you figure out how to take new workloads that need to be added and move them to a Postgres setup.

In part 2 of this NexxoData blog I will focus on the exceptional performance benchmark results we are seeing when load testing a mid range stack.

– Jason Strand

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