Shadow-Soft Navigate for DevOps Transformation

Key Benefits

Boost Productivity

Boost productivity and agility using repeatable and consistent workflows

Decrease Risk

Decrease risk and increase compliance with industry regulations by building in a security framework while developing and testing software

Automate Workflows
Orchestrate manual, repetitive tasks through automated workflows to allow your IT team to focus on mission-critical tasks and projects

Unite Teams
Unite teams to support continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines through optimized processes and automation

Minimal Hands-On-Engineering
Configure automation tools from both AWS, Azure, and partner providers to update infrastructure with minimal hands-on engineering


Shadow-Soft understands that many organizations in every industry and market segment are embracing the concept of digital transformation to remain competitive. Digital transformation marks a radical rethinking of how an organization uses technology, people, and processes to fundamentally change organizational performance. DevOps is a key enabling methodology that successful organizations use to achieve digital transformation.

DevOps techniques allow enterprises to create and improve products at a faster pace than traditional software development methods. The speed at which an organization moves is increasing exponentially and the organizations that can deploy rapidly will win.

As we look at the technologies that are driving the future–such as AI, machine learning, blockchain and IoT — organizations with mature DevOps practices will embrace these new technologies faster than their competitors.

DevOps Transformation Service Highlights

  • Perform discovery on pre-existing DevOps automation tools and processes
  • Assess integration within your toolchain
  • Map process dependencies for CI/CD and automation pipelines
  • Assess CI/CD pipelines and integration within existing toolchain
  • Provide process improvement recommendations and architectural guidance
  • Coach leadership on the foundational parts of DevOps
  • Introduce your team to CAMS (Culture, Automation, Measurement, Sharing) and SOE (Service-Oriented Enterprise)
  • Educate your team on systems thinking, feedback, and experimentation
  • Deliver assessment report detailing current environment, gap analysis
    of capabilities, recommendations for improvement, and an estimate for implementation time, tooling and training

Why Shadow-Soft?

  • Deep and wide expertise in designing cloud architecture, migrating to the cloud, and governing a cloud environment
  • Hold certifications and have the necessary experience to solve complex problems with best-in-breed processes and tools
  • Emphasis on enabling and training your team through knowledge transfer

How Can We Help You Transform With DevOps?