Shadow-Soft Navigate for Cloud Cost & Expense Management

Key Benefits

Leverage ML
Leverage machine learning to reduce the complexity and effort of optimizing cloud resource consumption

Total Visibility
Provide total visibility, deep insight, and governance across cloud environments

Unify IT and Finance
Unify IT and finance teams by helping them to understand what business units, applications, and/
or departments are driving cloud consumption costs


Shadow-Soft understands that many organizations struggle to decipher cloud spend and identify waste or hidden costs. They need expert guidance across cloud platforms to provide them with a clear view of current spend based on past data and performance.Using analytics-based recommendations with input from experts, you can maximize current value and enable future planning.

Public cloud platforms such as AWS and Microsoft Azure operate on a consumption-based pricing model. No longer are you purchasing IT resources using a traditional CAPEX model. Instead, you are purchasing public cloud based on consumption, making it more important than ever to embrace tools, skills, and experience required to optimize resource consumption.

Cloud Cost & Expense Service Highlights

  • Actionable insights to pinpoint wasted resources, provide resource re-sizing recommendations, and ensure every dollar is continuously being optimized
  • Quarterly well-architected reviews with a certified cloud solution architect to guide your cloud adoption journey
  • Monthly detailed cloud billing and optimization recommendations
  • 500+ best practice checks continuously monitoring to identify idle resources, unused instances and VMs, EC2 Reserved Instance mismatches, and more
  • Proactive alerts to minimize unexpected charges or expenses
  • Detailed cost allocation based on business units, departments, and/or application ownersime, tooling and training

Why Shadow-Soft?

  • Deep and wide expertise in designing cloud architecture, migrating to the cloud, and governing a cloud environment
  • Hold certifications and have the necessary experience to solve complex problems with best-in-breed processes and tools
  • Emphasis on enabling and training your team through knowledge transfer

How Can We Help You With Cloud Cost & Expense Management?