Monitoring Kubernetes Applications and Containers: Event Recap

DevOps managers and engineers gathered at Shadow-Soft HQ in Atlanta for a discussion on monitoring Kubernetes applications and containers.

Special thanks to Instana for sponsoring the event. Their support helped us provide a great space for networking, food, and drinks!

Times are changing

Shadow-Soft’s John Ray kicked off the presentation with a discussion about the history of application performance monitoring (APM). He took the audience on a journey from the early beginnings of APM (Windows Task Manager) right through to the present with tools like Instana.

John Ray Shadow-Soft

Automatic application monitoring

Kevin Crawley, Developer Evangelist at Instana, shared his ideas on three challenges involved with monitoring Kubernetes and cloud-native applications:

  • New performance problems and errors
  • Monitoring gaps as a result of the introduction of new endpoints
  • Lengthy root cause analysis as the number of services expand

Kevin introduced Instana, an automatic application monitoring tool, and explained how it can help teams overcome the challenges of monitoring in a microservices world.

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Slide deck

View or download the slide deck below:

Photos from the event


Interested in Instana? Request a demo


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