Fleet Tracking Company Modernizes Aging IT Infrastructure to Enable Innovation

Fleet Tracking Company is a provider of an IoT telematics SaaS solution. The company provides tracking, reporting, routing, and scheduling to help its customers get more from their vehicles, drivers, and teams using IoT sensors and devices.

Fleet Tracking Company engaged Shadow-Soft for help with an infrastructure modernization project that involved automating infrastructure builds in preparation for a data center migration.

“Shadow-Soft gives us the flexibility and agility to move fast by providing us with a broad bench of certified engineers with deep expertise in specific technologies where we have skills gaps.” – CTO at Fleet Tracking Company


Prior to Michelin acquiring Fleet Tracking Company, the company was innovating on a very tight budget. Michelin’s new executive team recognized it needed to find ways to jump back in front of its competition. Product innovation was at the heart of the new strategy, and releasing product updates more frequently was a top priority.

Infrastructure modernization is seen as a foundational piece of Fleet Tracking Company’s new strategy. The CTO at Fleet Tracking Company is tasked with leading the charge to automate Fleet Tracking Company’s infrastructure. By introducing automation through development pipelines (CI/CD), Fleet Tracking Company can lay the foundation for a DevOps culture that encourages and facilitates rapid code deployments and frequence code releases.

Scarbrough is laser-focused on solving three challenges:

  • Slow development cycles: By embracing DevOps practices with a focus on increasing the velocity of development deployments, Fleet Tracking Company hopes it can then take on the next phase in its DevOps transformation journey.
  • Manual processes holding back innovation: Fleet Tracking Company engineers manually build all systems with limited automation, configuring 80 servers across four different environments. Overcoming the limitations associated with the manual building is a top priority with Infrastructure automation considered the key.
  • Lack of familiarity with infrastructure automation technologies: Fleet Tracking Company engineers had some skill gaps and practical experience working with emerging technologies. Knowledge transfer and training are needed to enable Fleet Tracking Company engineers.


Shadow-Soft engineers partnered with Fleet Tracking Company to help them in three phases: Assessment, Implementation, and Enablement.

1. Assess existing systems, processes, and security

Shadow-Soft engineers assessed Fleet Tracking Company’s existing architecture against best practices and provided Fleet Tracking Company with a list of recommendations. This phase involved reviewing existing systems and processes used to build, configure, deploy, and secure infrastructure. Shadow-Soft engineers identified new ways to streamline the processes using new tooling and processes.

2. Develop a shared vision for design and implementation

Shadow-Soft engineers designed and implemented the Fleet Tracking Company’s new automation platform.
This phase involved designing Chef Automate architecture with high availability, reporting and alerting, auditing and workflow functionality. Then, Shadow-Soft engineers developed Chef cookbooks and created Inspec compliance profiles, set up development environments and deployment pipelines (Chef Workflow), and configured Chef/VMware/Docker integrations with Terraform.

3. Enablement with knowledge transfer

Shadow-Soft engineers trained the Fleet Tracking Company team on Chef Fundamentals, enabling the team with knowledge and best practices to run their new automation platform.

“As Shadow-Soft helps us go through the journey when they eventually will leave, were ready to pick up the slack. I think that’s been really smooth. I can’t think of the real issue that we’ve had with this whole project, which is still pretty phenomenal to me.” – CTO at Fleet Tracking Company


Fleet Tracking Company’s new platform automates the building, configuring, and deploying of machines. This is allowing the company to build infrastructure in an efficient and consistent manner.

By engaging Shadow-Soft, Fleet Tracking Company is successfully laying the foundation for it’s DevOps transformation. With the infrastructure layer automated, Fleet Tracking Company’s build time has decreased by a factor of 20%

“Shadow-Soft has helped us get started on our DevOps journey, but when they eventually leave we’re ready to pick up the slack. I can’t think of any issues that we’ve had with this whole project, which is pretty phenomenal to me.” – CTO at Fleet Tracking Company


Fleet Tracking Company is laser-focused on refactoring it’s applications. Scarbrough has ambitious plans over the next 12-18 months, setting goals around rearchitecting it’s a software platform, collecting and analyzing more data to provide customers with better intelligence, and identifying new revenue streams.

Continuous infrastructure modernization will help Fleet Tracking Company overcome its technical debt challenges that are holding back speed and agility.

“Customers are demanding more than what we’re doing right now. Modernizing our technology and embracing DevOps practices will help us get to where we want to be. Shadow-Soft is a key partner in our DevOps transformation journey. We will continue to lean on them to help us fill out skill gaps and enable our team on the latest technologies we need to be embracing. Ultimately, we hope this will help us move faster and catch up to our competition.” – CTO at Fleet Tracking Company

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