Microsoft Gold Partner: Get the Most from Microsoft Azure with Shadow-Soft

Shadow-Soft has been recognized as a Microsoft Gold Partner with Cloud Platform Competency. Read on to learn why and how this can help you as a Shadow-Soft customer.

Microsoft Gold Partner

What does it mean to be a Gold Partner?

Shadow-Soft has been awarded Gold Partner status by Microsoft for high standards and expertise in Azure services. In order to attain this level of acknowledgment, there are several requirements that must be met. Shadow-Soft had to go through a number of rigorous assessments and demonstrate competence with customers. It is not a simple process, but an essential one to deliver top-level service and solutions to our clients.

Part of the requirements for this status are customer references to prove expertise in Microsoft technologies and delivery of results to clients. Shadow-Soft has helped many companies succeed and scale their businesses.

One of these customers was a market research firm that Shadow-Soft helped to deploy Red Hat Ansible on Microsoft Azure, which resulted in an increased deployment frequency by 1.9X.  The company was running out of data center space and needed to move faster to deliver more to its customers. Using Red Hat Ansible with Azure, the client can now deploy software on a daily basis versus monthly.

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Benefits for Shadow-Soft customers

Shadow-Soft strives to provide customers with access and consulting around the newest technologies. Becoming a Gold Partner gives Shadow-Soft consultants access to Microsoft Azure’s latest training, tools, and support. As a Shadow-Soft customer, you will benefit from the access to these additional resources and support.

Microsoft Gold Partner status equips our team with the proper resources and training to empower the solutions offered to clients.

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