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Shadow-Soft provides enablement, consulting, and strategic advice around microservices and containers. Our team has strong past performance working with container technologies; we can help you adopt microservices and container technologies.

Why consider microservices and containers?

  • Ensure applications deploy quickly, reliably, and consistently regardless of deployment environment.
  • Easily package an application’s code, configurations, and dependencies into easy to use building blocks that deliver environmental consistency, operational efficiency, developer productivity, and version control.
  • Granular control over resources giving your infrastructure improved efficiency.
  • Server cost reduction: a clear CapEx advantage that is measurable through increased container density, compute efficiency, and server reduction.

How Shadow-Soft can help:

  • Technology evaluation: Consulting around the leading microservices technologies and use cases to help you pick the right technologies for your applications.
  • Enablement: 2-3 week engagements to help you get enabled and trained on microservices and container technologies.
  • Consulting: 3-4 month engagements where our technical team delivers on specific projects.
  • Strategy: Strategic planning and guidance to help you adopt the right tools over the next 18 months.

Ready to learn more? We help customers in three ways:

Half-day microservices workshop: Learn more about the business value of containers; ask questions; evaluate different technologies.

Microservices assessment: Our team reviews your existing architecture and makes recommendations on how you should approach microservices and containers.

Microservices discovery call: Need to consult with our team? Request a discovery call.

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“We were trying to modernize our infrastructure and secure it. Shadow-Soft did a really good job of accomplishing that. They gave me the tools to keep going forward, and managed it without being obnoxious.”

Tom Walck, Lead Systems Administrator at UGI Utilities, Inc


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