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Mesosphere DC/OS is a flexible platform for containerized, data-intensive applications. It delivers security, reliability, and performance— with freedom of choice for container orchestration and data services.

We like Mesosphere because it helps organizations adopt new technologies with speed and control. Mesosphere DC/OS automates rollout and production operations for containers and data services. It runs anywhere and frees IT from labor-intensive operations.

Mesosphere can help you accelerate new initiatives with confidence so you can move at the speed of the market.

Mesosphere Services

  • Mesosphere evaluation, integration, implementation, deployment
  • Mesosphere support contracts
  • Mesosphere training and enablement

Mesosphere Consulting by Shadow-Soft

Mesosphere Partner

We can help you with your Mesosphere services, training, consulting, implementation, support, add-on and licensing needs. Our partnership status recognizes our experience and past performance.

Strong past performance solving complex data analytics challenges

Our Mesosphere consultants can help you with best practice implementation, installation and configuration, upgrading and patching, and more. We have Mesosphere engineers dedicated to solving your data analytics challenges.

‘Take the Power Back’ with Open Source technologies

We know you need to innovate faster to stay ahead of the competition. We can help you embrace open source technologies so your developers and IT operations teams can build and ship faster. We have partnerships with Lightbend and Datastax, making it easy for you to evaluate, adopt, and deploy all technologies you need for your applications.

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Why we recommend Mesosphere

Adopt new technologies with speed and control

Mesosphere DC/OS automates rollout and production operations for containers and data services. Accelerate new initiatives with confidence.

Premier platform for running data rich apps.

Whether it’s traditional apps or modern data-rich apps made of containers and big data services, DC/OS elastically runs it all for faster rollout of new projects like personalization, machine learning, and IoT.

Proven cloud-scale resource manager

Powered by Apache Mesos, Mesosphere simplifies administration and maximizes resource utilization by abstracting the datacenter into a single giant computer, and powers some of the world’s largest platforms such as Twitter, Uber and Yelp.

Secure and compliant

Securing modern distributed workloads is a challenge. DC/OS helps accelerate your modern app initiatives while reducing exposure to modern security threats, simplifying policy enforcement and maintaining compliance.

Powerful services, one click away

DC/OS Catalog is not just a library of container images, but a universe of modern platform services with application-specific operational intelligence built-in. This means you can scale, update & upgrade complex services such as Kubernetes, Spark, and Kafka with an app store-like experience.

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Mesosphere Customer Stories

Fortune 50 Retailer Sees Opportunity To Improve Customer Experience With DC/OS

“Our team implemented a Mesosphere cluster to help the retailer take advantage of DC/OS. This reduced the time to validate algorithms and analyze data from weeks down to minutes.” – Dave Rollo, Strategic Account Manager at Shadow-Soft

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