MDM & BYOD – Why These Acronyms Should Mean More to You

Technology is filled with buzz words, hot topics, and mega trends that seem to appear from nowhere, yet dominate the conversation of organizational leaders on the technology side.  The last few years it has been the “cloud”.  More recently “big data” has swept into the buzz word scene.  Both of these technologies have legs and great products are being developed to help organizations harness this new style of IT management.  Lately “MDM” and “BYOD” have been surfacing as the newest trend.

Users have gone mobile.  The explosion of the smartphone and tablets has placed an increased need for users to have access to data on the road, from home, or at their local coffee shop.  Work is increasingly blending in with what we used to call home or recreation.  It is difficult to picture a world without our mobile devices so a brief history lesson will show that the mobile device movement is still in its infancy:

  • 2003 – Blackberry Smartphone is released
  • 2007 – First generation iPhone is released
  • 2008 – First Android phone is released

CBS News reports that in 2012 there were 1 billion smartphone users.  It is projected that there will be 2 billion smartphone users by 2015.  Large organizations with compliance requirements are starting to address the rapid growth of the smartphone.  Smartphones can access proprietary data and left unmanaged can create security and compliance issues.  Enter Airwatch, the leading provier of mobile device management in the world.  Airwatch’s product is feature rich, easy to deploy and manage, and supports virtually every platform in existence today.  Manage application deployment, restrict access to content based on users and location, and all users to bring their own device (BYOD).  Airwatch provides flexibility because it is scalable.  Airwatch can easily manage 10 to 100,000 mobile devices.  This is the perfect solution for healthcare, federal & local government, education, and large retail enterprises.  Airwatch is available in a hosted and perpetual model giving IT decision makers more flexibility to have the top notch MDM solution at the right price.  For more information download this Airwatch Data Sheet or contact Shadow-Soft today.