When to Adopt the Lift and Shift Cloud Migration Model

If you are looking to get out of the datacenter and stop managing hardware, Lift and Shift might be your best approach. The Lift and Shift model offers the fastest and the least disruptive method to migrate to the cloud, allowing applications to have higher performance at a low upfront cost.

Lift and Shift Cloud Migration Model

According to the Research Director of International Data Corporation, 80 percent of the data center budget goes to maintenance. Moving to the cloud allows your IT team to focus on innovation and new projects.

A Lift and Shift migration duplicates your in-house application into a cloud environment without modifying the application. However, because there are no changes made to the application, you may not fully benefit from native features and versatility of the cloud. There are other options to consider if you want to take advantage of these features.

“You don’t move to the cloud to save money. You do it to save time.”Tony Stafford, Vice President of Technical Solutions

Example: Lift and Shift noncustomer-facing app to the cloud

Our cloud team helped a construction company to lift and shift its logistics application to the cloud. The company’s main objective was to get out of the data center. The application was a mixture of custom and off-the-shelf code, which the CIO had no time or money to modify. Shadow-Soft was able to accomplish the company’s goals with low upfront costs using the Lift and Shift method.

When moving to the cloud, it is important that you evaluate your existing legacy apps and consider your options. Our cloud team can provide you with all the necessary information and steps to help you make the best decision.

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