Consulting to help you get started with Kubernetes

  • Is running Kubernetes in production too risky?
  • Are you struggling to manage Kubernetes on OpenShift?
  • Do you need to solve problems with security or persistent storage?
  • Is it time to containerize your applications?
  • Does managing Kubernetes seem challenging?
  • Are you on a tight deadline and need certified consultants?

Kubernetes Solutions

Kubernetes Platform Comparison

Need advice on what platform to choose? This one week engagement is designed to help you review and choose a platform that meets your specific needs.

Kubernetes PoC

Need to get started fast? This solution will help you get a Kubernetes cluster set up to prove your use case, risk-free.

OpenShift Quickstart

Consulting to help you get an OpenShift PoC up and running. Clients use this for troubleshooting and proving out OpenShift as a new technology platform.


Kubernetes Consulting


Kubernetes Cheatsheet

Download the Kubernetes Cheat Sheet and discover key benefits of Kubernetes as a service. This cheat sheet offers guidance on end-to-end architecture and ongoing management

Kubernetes Comparison Guide

Download this PDF guide and learn about Kubernetes vs native solutions. Gain a deeper understanding about Kubernetes integration and how you’ll benefit from Kubernetes solutions.