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Your Kubernetes Team Should Not Be Frustrated And Confused


  • We don’t know where to start
  • We don’t have a clear path forward
  • We don’t know what tools to use


  • We don’t know what works well
  • We don’t know how to scale
  • We don’t use a unified language


  • We don’t have deep expertise
  • Our developers seem confused
  • We have good intentions but poor results

Kubernetes: Power to Change Everything

Kubernetes is extreme in every way. With the greatest orchestration performance, application delivery, and reconfigurability to date, it is a system created to push the limits of what is possible. But the complexity and knowledge leaps required for Kubernetes can be daunting, especially when there seems to be no clear path forward and experienced Kubernetes experts are hard to find.

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As one of five Foundation Partners establishing the industry standards for containers, we built a Kubernetes Center of Excellence because we’ve seen firsthand what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we created Embedded Service Pros or ESP.

How Will Your Team Benefit From ESP?

If each person on your team isn’t highly skilled in Kubernetes, you’re going to make mistakes and things are going to break. Our team of Kubernetes Embedded Service Pros (ESP) works with your existing teams to coach and guide them on a proven path to optimal orchestration.

Here’s why it works: An Enterprise Architect leads a team of experts from our Kubernetes Center of Excellence to leverage the proven Kubernetes Virtuous Lifecycle to scale Kubernetes across your organization. You remain in charge as we help your team build the skills necessary to spin up scalable applications at a fraction of the cost of finding, hiring, and training FTEs.

Here’s How It Works

Extreme performance. By design. System performance is mapped – architecture, security, storage, backup, and uptime – with a Kubernetes Health Assessment to optimize CPU capacity, memory orchestration and many other things. Your environment will become a foundation for creation.

Powerfully purposeful. Every phase of your Kubernetes transformation is purposely designed with your DevOps teams to power application performance. Our proven Kubernetes Operations Playbook ensures absolute flexibility and uncompromising utility so you can scale across your organization.

Nothing extraneous. Everything intentional. Our enterprise architects provide hands-on Kubernetes Developer Guidance to identify what applications need to be refactored to manage fragile cluster health, including establishing memory limits and restrictions. Your developers will know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Engineered to go all out. All the time. Make major, minor, and even patch upgrades to ensure cluster health, availability, and scalability. Get technical support on sandbox cluster configurations and optimize CPU and memory capacity of production clusters. Our Kubernetes Health Maintenance lets you rest easy.

Two sides. One goal. The complexity of Kubernetes requires a tremendously capable operations team. On the opposite side, developers need to understand how to build applications for the memory and storage available. Our Shadow-Soft Academy upskills everyone.

How To Get Started

1. Pick Your Team

Build a blended team of Operations and Development. We can help build your ideal team. Click below to book a coaching session.

2. Pick A Project

Select a project that matches the readiness of your situation. Look for low-risk, low-lift applications to migrate to Kubernetes, and we’ll coach your team to success.

3. Book A Coach

Leverage our proven Kubernetes Virtuous Lifecycle to navigate through the complexity that might trip you up. You’ll be glad you did.

Quick Start Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s all about the coaching. Our Embedded Service Pros have worked with Kubernetes since its inception so they are the perfect guides to help you set up or optimize your infrastructure. They also have extensive application experience and can speak the “language” of developers. Being able to build a bridge from Ops to Dev is priceless.

Your core team should be a combination of your “best and brightest” Operations and Development members. You need people who can think conceptually and adaptively because Kubernetes orchestration is complex so it’s important to work with people willing to adopt a new mindset.

It is an ongoing process. Your Health Assessment will take 2-3 months depending on the availability of your team. Your customized Ops Playbook will be designed to stand up or optimize your infrastructure and could last 3-6 months. Developer Guidance, Monitoring and Orchestrating, and Kubernetes Academy certification are ongoing processes critical to squeeze every possible ounce out of Kubernetes.

The Kubernetes Virtuous Lifecycle framework is based on the mistakes made by others. Unless you tackle Kubernetes holistically, you will stumble and fall. For example, our system monitoring and orchestration is critical to forensically trace the root cause of failures. Because it’s not always simple to discern what needs to change to eliminate risk.

Finding qualified people at a reasonable salary is incredibly difficult. It typically takes 9-12 months to find and hire Kubernetes experts and will take them 6 months to get up to speed. That means you lose 1.5 years of productivity for every FTE. More importantly, each FTE costs $200-300k in fully-loaded costs and you’ll need 5-6 people so your operating budget needs to be $1M to $1.8M. Wouldn’t it be better to get access to an entire team of certified experts?

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