Join us for Mil-OSS LANT in Charleston

Security in the Open Source Community 


Shadow-Soft is a proud sponsor of the upcoming Mil-OSS | LANT & training summit in Charleston August 6th – 8th hosted by the Mil OSS Charleston Chapter. Mil-OSS is a grass-roots organization that connects and empowers an active community of both civilian and military developers using, improving, and releasing Open Source Software (OSS) and hardware across the United States Department of Defense (DoD).  The event brings together military and civilian government employees, contractors and industry experts to discuss the defense-industry open source advocacy.  Mil-OSS | LANT will focus on Open Source initiatives championed and support by SPAWAR Atlantic, industry partners and other government agencies. The event is open to military & civilian employees, contractors, & industry experts. Register here.


Training: Mil OSS is putting together a series of training sessions this year, at no additional charge featuring relevant Open Source thought leaders including Shadow-Soft. We will be delivering a special free training on “Open Source Security Tools 101” on Wednesday August 7th from 0900-1100 and 1300-1500.  Complete Agenda here.


Hack-a-Thon: HackWarz is a capture the flag event to stretch your security muscle and have FUN! You will have several systems to compromise and gain valuable tokens (flags) for points. Tokens are valued by difficulty and skillset required. To close the event, there will be a lessons learned in which each team will demonstrate how they compromised a system and explain how they would have hardened the systems to make it harder to be compromised. No matter what your skill level, HackWarz is a great event to test your skills and have a blast.

See you in Charleston!


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