JBoss Consulting

Consulting to help you take the risk out of JBoss

Red Hat JBoss Middleware is a family of lightweight, cloud-friendly, enterprise-grade products that help organizations innovate faster, in a smarter way.

Unlike proprietary legacy middleware solutions, Red Hat JBoss Middleware leverages community-powered innovation and an open source development model to provide enterprise-class products.

Here are three reasons why we recommend JBoss Middleware:

  • It offers lightweight solutions, resulting in productive development efforts and easy deployment
  • It enables faster innovation, resulting in greater business differentiation
  • It’s completely open, resulting in lower cost and reducing vendor lock-in

JBoss Middleware Services

  • JBoss evaluation, integration, implementation, deployment
  • JBoss support contracts
  • JBoss training and enablement

JBoss Consulting by Shadow-Soft

Red Hat’s Middleware partner of the year

We are trusted and recommended by Red Hat to deliver JBoss Middleware to Fortune 100 companies, mid-market companies and government organizations . Our 2015, 2016, and 2017 awards recognize our experience and past performance.

JBoss consulting experience

Our JBoss consulting services can help you evaluate, deploy, and integrate JBoss into your environment. You will benefit from our many years of past performance and experience as a Red Hat JBoss Middleware partner.

‘Take the Power Back’ with Open Source technologies

We know you need to innovate faster to stay ahead of the competition. We can help you embrace open source technologies so you can empower your developers and IT operations teams to build and ship faster.

Why we Recommend JBoss Middleware

Accelerate application development, and deploy across on-premise, mobile, and cloud environments to get to market in less time.

Elastically scale applications to handle the largest workloads while reducing data bottlenecks. Move from IBM WebSphere or Oracle WebLogic to gain increased productivity and greater value while avoiding vendor lock-in. Red Hat Middleware customers develop 51% more applications per year and achieve 569% ROI.

Integrate systems, applications and data across your entire enterprise

Reduce costs and errors associated with manual intervention by deploying enterprise-class, open source integration, messaging, and data virtualization platforms.

Automate business processes in your organization

Red Hat JBoss Middleware will help you react quickly to real-time business, market, and IT changes, minimize the risk of manual error, and stay competitive.