Integrating OpenShift with Cloud Services & CI/CD Pipelines

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Let’s make your Kubernetes and OpenShift implementation a success.

During this virtual event, we’ll discuss how organizations are successfully adopting and implementing OpenShift by integrating the platform with important IT systems and IT teams. With Shadow-Soft’s OpenShift experts as your guide, learn why and how customers are integrating OpenShift with Cloud Services and CI/CD Pipelines.

Presentation highlights:

  • Integrated OpenShift Ecosystem: Learn how Shadow-Soft’s Integrated OpenShift Ecosystem can help make your Kubernetes and OpenShift implementation a success
  • OpenShift with AWS Services: Learn how customers are using the AWS Service Broker to integrate with AWS services
  • OpenShift with Azure Services: Make use of Azure Services and integrate CI/CD pipelines using Azure DevOps with repository management and artifacts
  • Building and Integrating CI/CD Pipelines: Learn how customers are using OpenShift with Jenkins Pipelines and OpenShift Pipelines (Tekton)
  • Shadow-Soft Consulting Services: Explore how customers are engaging Shadow-Soft to help them adopt, implement, and integrate Kubernetes and OpenShift
Red Hat OpenShift
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