How to Glue your CI/CD Stack together with Ansible: Event Recap

IT leaders and software engineers gathered at Shadow-Soft HQ in Atlanta to learn how Ansible can be used to “Glue” together their CI/CD tools.

Special thanks to Red Hat and Intel for sponsoring the event. Their support helped us provide a great space for networking, food, and drinks!

Why integrate CI/CD tools

After plenty of food and fun, Shadow-Soft’s John Ray kicked off the presentation. He highlighted the three big challenges facing software teams today:

  • Push code faster
  • Increase reliability of software releases
  • Provide structure and governance

John explained how Ansible can be used to integrate or “Glue” tools together, helping teams push code faster with more reliability.

Ansible Glue CI/CD tools

Ansible is the “Glue”

  • Continuous Delivery: Keep your applications properly deployed and managed throughout the entire lifecycle.
  • Security and Compliance: Easily automate site-wide security policies via Ansible playbooks.
  • Orchestration: Ansible provides a simple solution for managing disparate systems.
  • Config Management: Centralizing configuration file management is a common use case for Ansible.
  • App Deployment: Effectively manage the entire application lifecycle from development to production.
  • Provisioning: Ansible streamlines the process in bare-metal servers, VMs, or cloud instances.

CI/CD Framework & Architecture

Derrick Sutherland, senior consultant at Shadow-Soft, talked through our CI/CD architecture, explaining where and how Ansible can be used. He walked the audience through a demo.

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Slide deck

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Photos from the event

John Ray CI/CD Ansible Derrick Sutherland CI/CD Ansible

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