Infrastructure Provisioning & Secrets Management: Event Recap

Atlanta’s IT leaders and open source enthusiasts gathered at Shadow-Soft HQ for a discussion on infrastructure provisioning and secrets management.

Special thanks to HashiCorp for sponsoring the event. Their support helped us provide a great space for networking, food, and drinks!

The State of DevOps

Shadow-Soft’s John Ray started the night off with a discussion around the state of DevOps. He talked about a number of challenges facing organizations:

  • Poor agile implementation
  • Tightly coupled deployment strategies
  • Poor pipelines
  • No test automation
  • Culture issues
  • Too many teams with no authority
  • Poor management
  • Top-down decisions

Introducing HashiCorp Product Suite

HashiCorp’s John Dadamia took the stage to introduce HashiCorp’s product suite that can help organizations overcome these common challenges holding back DevOps.

Infrastructure Provisioning with Terraform

Next up, HashiCorp’s Ehron Gwinn shared ideas on how Terraform can help teams enable cloud automation through infrastructure as code.

Here are the top use cases for HashiCorp Terraform:

  • Infrastructure as code: Terraform uses an infrastructure as code approach to provide effective, reusable, and safe infrastructure provisioning automation.
  • Multi-cloud management: Terraform provides one consistent workflow for developers and operators to provision resources on any infrastructure provider.

Need a deep dive into Terraform? Request a demo or hands-on workshop

Secrets Management with Vault

Ehron also explained how Vault helps teams to eliminate secret sprawl and keep the secret exchange secure.

Here are the top use cases for HashiCorp Vault:

  • Secrets Management: Centrally store, access, and distribute dynamic secrets such as tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys.
  • Data Encryption: Keep application data secure with centralized key management and simple APIs for data encryption.

Need a deep dive into Vault? Request a demo or hands-on workshop