In Response to Open Source: The New Normal in Enterprise Software

For the last 12-24 months I’ve been saying that open source has finally entered the mainstream. I’m happy to see that Mary Catherine O’Connor’s article entitled Open source: The new normal in enterprise software validates my claim!

At Shadow-Soft we have stood behind Open Source Software (OSS) for years because we believe in the principles it embodies. Technology needs to serve the organization, not the other way around. This means businesses should be free from vendor lock-in, have transparency in its systems, and have the choice to adapt its software to its unique needs.

The path from obscurity to relevancy for the OSS business model has not been quick nor easy.  We’ve spent nearly 9 years on the grinding path of entrepreneurship to get here.  And while we were NOT one of the first business ventures in the OSS space, we were one of the earliest adopters.  And as many larger firms like Microsoft, IBM, and HP have realized, the value is in the integration (the stitching) that brings all of the disparate systems and disparate apps together to work as one homogeneous business solution. This is where Shadow-Soft’s success is focused.

And now we have the Cloud, which, thanks to a thriving OSS community living on the edge of technology, is nearly 100% OSS native.  This is the next frontier for Shadow-Soft as we continue to grow out our enterprise cloud practice and managed services customer base.

“Open source has become a fundamental piece of enterprise strategy,” quotes the article from Paul Miller, senior analyst with Forrester. “It’s no longer about people in t-shirts and sandals reeling against the corporate machine and trying to do something different.”

We are not strangers to t-shirts, sandals or helping companies Take the Power Back #TTPB and we believe OSS is a fundamental piece of that enterprise strategy.

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