Important Developer Statistics for 2015

Our friends at Stack Overflow have posted their developer survey for 2015 and there are a lot of things to learn from this study.  Initial takeaways:

The top most utilized programming technologies are:
image (1)
Be aware, these percentages indicate what percent of developers are using each technology.  The top 4 are really the important things to note as well as the year over year difference for Node.js (9% last year) and AngularJS which was not applicable last year.  Clearly the market is shifting here.
Also important:

image (2)
Linux is only accounting for 20.5% (a slight decrease from last year) for the platforms code is being developed for.  
Last to note:
image (3)

Above is a list of technologies that companies pay the greatest amount for in regards to new employees and their skill-set but the talent pool for these emerging technologies is limited. Having consultants that can work with the above Open Source and Cloud technologies like Hadoop, Spark and Go is key and Shadow-Soft has expertise in almost every one of them.
Let us help you develop an Open relationship….with your technology. 

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