Icinga Version 2.11 Release: Important Information

“Shadow-Soft is very excited to co-announce the release of Icinga 2 v2.11. This much anticipated release addresses some of the most important bugs within the network stack, TLS and cluster sync. HA for the performance data writers is also a very welcome enhancement.” – Jeff Williams, Icinga Lead at Shadow-Soft

Icinga 2 Version 2.11 Release Candidate

Icinga 2 version 2.11 includes improvements for performance, stability and scalability. The Icinga team wants to include the Icinga community to help make this new release the best it can be. With that in mind, Icinga 2.11 – RC1 is now available.

Icinga 2.11 Improvements

Rewritten Network Stack

There have been problems with hanging TLS connections, stalled HTTP requests and resource consuming operations with the Icinga network stack. Icinga developers rewrote the network stack based on the well-known and tested Boost library. Thanks to updated Boost packages users can now work with an even more stable REST API and cluster environment.

Improved Cluster Sync

Icinga v2.11 adds a long-awaited feature to the cluster config sync: staging for received configuration. This new feature avoids deploying broken configuration directly into production.

Self-Healing & Debugging Docs

Icinga 2.11 comes with improved storage for created objects during runtime and heals itself whenever things don’t turn out well. Troubleshooting docs help users during debugging sessions.

High Availability for Features

When enabling features like Graphite or Elasticsearch, users can now set the setting enable_ha=true on both sides. The feature will run only on one node and the other will take over in the case of failure.

Enhanced Core

The JSON library has been replaced and modernized for full UTF8 support. This comes in preparation for the IcingaDB backend and also solves possible crashes on GitHub. Notifications which would be triggered during the reload phase are now properly sent. Furthermore, when a host/service is still NOT-OK after a downtime ends, a problem notification is sent immediately.

Improved Reload Handling

With the new reload handling, there is now a foundation for reliable (Docker) containers for Icinga 2. Additionally, this change prevents unwanted notifications during restarts and reloads.

Various Small Enhancements

All_services for the schedule-downtime host action, on-demand CSR signing CLI tools, getenv() as DSL function, and much more.

Icinga 2.11 comes with upgrade documentation. Note the improvements for service monitoringdistributed monitoringfeaturestechnical conceptsdevelopment and the upgrading chapter.

Prior to installation, please check the Changelog for v2.11.0-rc1.

Read Icinga’s blog post for more about this release.

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