Icinga Training: Configuration, System Administration, and Icinga Director

Virtual Training | May 25-29 | $2,400 per seat

Join Shadow-Soft for a five-day Icinga training workshop focused on fundamentals and advanced features, and Icinga Director. Price is $2,400 per seat.

This training is for system administrators and IT operations who want practical, hands-on experience configuring and managing Icinga.

Icinga Configuration Training

  • Configuration File Organization
  • Syntax and Style Guide
  • Checking Syntax, Reloading, Restarting and Other Useful Commands
  • Host and Service Definition
  • HostGroups and ServiceGroups
  • Downtimes
  • Users, UserGroups, and Notifications
  • Zones and Endpoints
  • Node Wizard and SSL Key Generation
  • Connecting Linux Clients
  • Connecting Windows Clients
  • Troubleshooting (Level 1)
  • Additional Configurator Resources

Icinga SysAdmin Training

  • Installation
  • Masters, Satellites, and Clients: The Three-Tiered Configuration
  • Distributed Configuration
  • High Availability and Clustering
  • Upgrading Icinga 2
  • Performance Data
  • Troubleshooting (Level 2)
  • Additional SysAdmin Resources

Icinga Director Training

  • Installation
  • Hosts: Creating host templates and assigning host groups
  • Deployments: Explain how new configuration is deployed via the Icinga 2 API
  • Lab: Create a host and deploy
  • CheckCommands
  • Lab: Clone an existing check command and add fields
  • Services: Creating a service template and Assigning services directly to hosts
  • Lab: Create a service and a service apply and deploy
  • Automation: Import sources, Fileshipper, Sync Rules & modifications, Custom Overrides, Jobs
  • Lab: Import data using Fileshipper
  • Client monitoring: Zones & endpoints, Pre-configured satellite, Nearly empty host (maybe repos), Command endpoints
  • Lab: Client monitoring: Connect the satellite
  • Baskets and Snapshots
  • Notifications

Price: $2,400 per seat

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