Icinga Reporting for Early Adopters

Icinga 2 gives you the power to watch any host and application. The monitoring engine is capable of monitoring an entire data center and any cloud. Collected results are processed, alerted on and stored in a resource efficient way.

Icinga Reporting

Icinga has just announced an early version of their reporting, with this release Icinga exclaims there will be new ways to work with data for increased functionality, including exporting SLA reports for hosts and services.

Icinga Reporting is the foundation created to handle data collected by Icinga 2 and other data providers. Icinga does not collect or calculate data, the framework processes usable data from data providers such as Icinga’s IDO or Icinga Web 2 models and gives you a variety of options to choose from.

IDO Reports

The IDO is where Incinga 2 stores all the data it collects, you can then evaluate and compare the accessibility of the applications and network devices. This data can be used to check if you’re meeting SLA’s. The IDO Reports module allows you to export reports to share information with your team and managers.

Shadow-Soft is excited to use the IDO Reports module because it will add value to our customers, reduce the amount of custom reporting required, and limit the amount of knowledge users will need of Icinga2’s IDO database.

Open Source

Icinga is continuously implementing updates and extending existing modules to provide data for Icinga reporting, below you will find some handy links

Icinga Reporting: GitHub | Installation Documentation
IDO Reports: GitHub | Installation Documentation

Shadow-Soft is the exclusive North American Icinga Enterprise Partner. Hundreds of customers, including CapitalOne, Genuine Parts Company, and Cotiviti, rely on Shadow-Soft to solve business problems with solutions that span culture, process, and technology.

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