The Ins and Outs of Icinga Director

Icinga Director is a module for Icinga Web 2, designed to make Icinga 2 configuration handling faster and easier. In short, it enables users to add hosts to Icinga 2 from sources outside the manual configuration files. It helps less technical users add, modify, and delete monitored systems and services through a simple point and click web interface.

Why and when to use Director

Icinga 2 Manual Configuration is still the best option for power and flexibility. You should always use manual configuration when configuring Icinga 2 masters and satellites.

Director is a great option when you need to:

  • Help junior members of your team use and get up-to-speed with Icinga. It provides a great stop-gap to enable less technical members.
  • Delegate the management of multiple monitoring clients (for example, responsibility is split across multiple internal divisions).
  • Configure objects when you do not have root access.

Director import and sync

Director comes with an import and sync tool that can be used to import objects into Director from outside sources. After sync, the imported objects are editable in Director.

At this stage, included import types include CoreAPI (Import from Icinga2 API), LDAP, and SQL.

Additional import sources are available as modules via Github, including: PuppetDB, AWS (Auto Scaling Groups), CSV, XML, JSON, and YAML.

Next steps

Icinga Director can help speed up configuration and enable non-technical team members. If you’d like to learn more about Director, please contact our Icinga consultants.

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