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Icinga is a flexible, open source monitoring platform that has the capability to cover most of your monitoring requirements due to its customizable framework.

We like Icinga because it is strong at monitoring servers and devices, supporting both direct monitoring and SNMP. It excels at providing data and alerts for availability, connectivity, and general health checks of your infrastructure.

Shadow-Soft is Icinga’s exclusive provider of Services, Support and Training for customers in North America.

Icinga Services

Icinga Consulting by Shadow-Soft

Icinga North American Partner

We can help you with your Icinga services, training, consulting, implementation, support, add-on and licensing needs. Our partnership status recognizes our experience and past performance.

Overcome complex monitoring challenges

Our Icinga consultants can help you with best practice implementation, installation and configuration, upgrading and patching, and more. We have Icinga engineers dedicated to 24-7 support for Icinga.

‘Take the Power Back’ with Open Source technologies

We know you need to innovate faster to stay ahead of the competition. We can help you embrace open source technologies so your developers and IT operations teams can build and ship faster.

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Why we recommend Icinga

Multi-threaded and fast

We’ve seen one instance run one million active checks a minute to monitor 60,000 hosts without a creak.

Shipped to suit all needs

Icinga 2 comes with IDO, performance data writers, Livestatus and their related libraries. Simply (de)activate with a soft link command.

Easy to extend

Want to add performance graphers, network visualizers, notification managers? No problem, integrate add-ons with ease, thanks to Icinga 2’s multiple backends.

Performance monitoring in real-time

Icinga 2 supports Graphite and InfluxDB natively. Thanks to a direct TCP connection, you can enjoy real-time performance graphing with little system load.

No fuss configuration

Define object, define template, apply and repeat. Add conditional behaviors and configuration in Icinga 2 is not just intuitive, but also intelligently adaptive at runtime.

Distributed monitoring out-of-the-box

Load balancing of checks, notifications and database updates. Configuration and program-state replication. All autonomous, all in real-time, and all easier than ever before.

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