Consulting to help you move to a hybrid cloud environment

  • Is your single cloud provider giving you the best price?
  • Do you need to reduce downtime?
  • Does containerizing applications for hybrid cloud give you a headache?
  • Do you need tech capabilities that aren’t on your team?
  • Are you on a tight deadline and need certified cloud consultants?
  • Do you need added security and persistent storage?

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud PoC

Consulting to help you get a Hybrid Cloud PoC up and running. Clients use this for troubleshooting and proving out new tools.

Hybrid Cloud Quickstart

Get started fast with this solution designed to help you move containerized apps to a Hybrid Cloud environment. OpenShift evaluation included.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture Review

Need advice on processes, tools, and architecture? This is designed to review your existing architecture and make recommendations.



Mesosphere Consulting

OpenShift vs Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Download this helpful guide which provides an in-depth comparison of Red Hat OpenShift vs Pivotal Cloud Foundry. See a side by side comparison of features in this handy guide.

Mesosphere DC/OS vs OpenShift

Take an in-depth look at the benefits of Red Hat OpenShift vs DC/OS in this handy guide. Learn about the key benefits of containers and how they’ll benefit you.