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Automate the provisioning of infrastructure to any cloud and any environment.  Increase operational efficiency by 75%.  Leverage true enterprise scale with compliance and governance in mind.  Have the flexibility to host your own Terraform enterprise or leverage the ease of Terraform cloud.  The choice is yours.

Manage secrets and protect sensitive data with Hashicorp Vault.  The industry standard for creating and securing access to tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys.  Choose from hundreds of integrations or work with Shadow-Soft to create your own.

Build images for multiple platforms from one source.  Leveraging Packer by Hashicorp allows for rapid infrastructure deployment, portability, and increased stability.  Give time back to your operations team with plugins to all main platform providers.  For increased compliance and security HCP Packer can accelerate your organizations productivity with governance.

HashiCorp Projects

  • Created integrated Terraform and Ansible codebase for automatic end-to-end VMWare server builds in Ansible Tower job templates for a large Atlanta based fintech
  • Reviewed architecture and implementation of SumoLogic’s custom provider. Implemented additional features and unit tests for the custom provider
  • Converted SumoLogic’s AWS Cloud Formation Template codebase to Terraform modules, and converted acceptance tests to Terratest
  • Advised on migration to Terraform 0.12, and its usage in Jenkins Pipeline and GitlabCI for a New England based hedge fund
  • Collaborated on implementation of Terraform Enterprise and Sentinel policies for a US Navy based research and development facility
  • Created and delivered Terraform training for US Navy based research and development facility
  • Developed Packer templates, Terraform modules, and Terratest for infrastructure and application deployment to Azure for a large national fintech
  • Created Terraform Azure workshop for a large nationally based fintech
  • Developed Packer templates and Terraform modules to migrate the company’s applications to AWS
  • Implemented GitlabCI to interface with Packer, Terraform Cloud, and Vault Enterprise.
  • Architected and implemented Terraform modules to manage the entire AWS infrastructure
  • Managed EKS infrastructure with custom Terraform module for a leading technical university
  • Converted the Cloud Formation Templates deploying a company’s elastic cloud data platform product to Terraform modules for a start-up ISV
  • Architected and implemented HA/DR Vault Enterprise cluster with Consul storage. Developed first Vault Enterprise to Puppet Enterprise bindings for large Atlanta based financial services organization
  • Reviewed and advised on Vault Enterprise architecture with Raft storage. Implemented custom integrations with Chef and Terraform in Ruby and Golang for a large midwestern based manufacturing organization.
  • Deployed Vault server cluster to EKS and integrated secrets management with ArgoCD and GitlabCI for a southwest based energy company
  • Interfaced AWS EKS workloads with external Vault cluster by means of sidecar injection managed with Helm and Ansible. Architected and developed custom Vault Raft backup software for a leading technical university.
  • Implemented Packer template to deploy AWX on microk8s in AWS. Implemented TravisCI, CircleCI, and Github workflows to automate and streamline interface with each and with Ansible, and to enable an infrastructure self-service portal for team members of a northeast based biotech company.
  • Forked and significantly updated Concourse plugin for Packer, and implemented Packer template for Consul and Vault deployments on AWS for a leading technical university.

“Shadow-Soft has a fantastic reputation in the open-source community. Shadow-Soft’s work was foundational to what we’ve done architecturally since. As we continue to do test, probe and analyze the solution, Shadow-Soft’s recommendations help to keep us on track.”

– Josh Bregman, VP of Technology at CyGlass


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