Hadoop software market to hit $812.8 million in 2016

Larry Dignan writes on how IDC put the Hadoop-MapReduce ecosystem market at $77 million in 2011 and how that’ll change quickly.

The market for Hadoop and MapReduce related software will grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 60 percent through 2016, according to IDC data.

IDC put the Hadoop-MapReduce ecosystem market at $77 million in 2011. That sum sounds small given the focus on big data and the headlines that go with it. But the financials will catch up with the attention. IDC is projecting a Hadoop-MapReduce market of $812.8 million in 2016.

Big data has received a lot of focus as companies aim to crunch structured and unstructured data to see around corners. The growth of big data software could also pose a threat to database incumbents such as Oracle.

IDC expects the Hadoop-MapReduce market to develop like Linux did. Linux began with a lot of attention and a small market and then grew to be commonplace in most data centers.

The one wild card for big data growth will be talent to crunch the figures as well as analyze them.

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