Why Freudenberg IT uses Icinga with support from Shadow-Soft

Freudenberg IT, FIT, was looking for a monitoring tool that met industry standards, had ongoing support, and could scale at a global level. Read on to learn why they chose Icinga and why they chose Shadow-Soft’s Icinga Support.

FIT Icinga Support

FIT is an IT company specializing in SAP consulting, outsourcing, manufacturing execution system, and managed hosting. Founded 161 years ago, FIT works with partners like Vizio and Whole Foods, hosting their ERP systems. The company also hosts all NBA game statistics.

Eric Powell leads the company’s US monitoring initiative. He is responsible for monitoring customers’ systems with more than 110,000 checks. The company monitors a lot of systems, including Linux and Windows, VPN tunnels, and anything in-between. These systems are in multiple locations, such as Morrisville (USA), Las Vegas, Mexico, Germany, and China.


In 2014, FIT’s customer base ballooned to 110 customers. They had a lot of credibility in the market and knew they needed to evaluate different monitoring tools to cater to the increased demands and continue to provide a great customer experience.

Eric was looking for a monitoring tool that met industry standards and had ongoing support and/or was in active development. There was a preference for open source, because the team needed to understand how the product worked – especially if they had to conduct an IT audit and pull the covers back. Lastly, it had to scale and be applicable at a global level. They wanted to use one tool across the US, Mexico, China, and Germany.

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Icinga checked all the criteria boxes. The Icinga development team (Netways) was actively developing and improving the product, it was 100% open source, and it was scalable.

Shadow-Soft offered Icinga support contracts, which gave FIT access to technical support and a direct channel to escalate priorities to the Icinga development team (Netways).

During crunch times where Eric’s team was busy, he used Shadow-Soft to help resolve some major bugs and assist with issues associated with application updates.

“We were looking for a local partner that could support our team when we ran into major issues or bugs.”

Why FIT used Shadow-Soft for Icinga support:

  • Subject matter experts on the Icinga application.
  • Broad expertise beyond Icinga. The team was highly knowledgeable on operating systems, back-end, and day-to-day configuration.
  • Fast response times.

“We had development questions that got answered within the same day.”

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FIT Eric Powell Quote

“The main benefit for me in the first year was that during our crunch times, Shadow-Soft was there to help us with some major bugs that we found.”

In the second year, Eric saw a lot of value. His team had been cut down to two, which meant he had to rely on Shadow-Soft’s support even more.

“When I have a question, I can send it to Shadow-Soft and get an answer fast. I have had two major operational issues, and both times we had responses back from Shadow-Soft within the same business day.”

Thanks to Shadow-Soft’s fast responses, FIT didn’t need to slow down and delay their work. Shadow-Soft resolved issues quickly and thoroughly, allowing FIT to confidently use Icinga to monitor their customers’ systems.

Plan for the future

Eric and FIT have ambitious plans for the future. Their Germany environment will go live with Icinga high availability configuration in 2017.

By the end of 2017, Eric plans to implement a “global cockpit,” whereby he can see each region from one console (instead of logging in each console individually).

And in 2018, his focus will shift to automatic remediation. The team wants to automatically fix issues as they occur. For example, they may use Icinga’s Event Commands to restart services automatically if they go down.

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