Icinga Training Course

Join Shadow-Soft for a four-day Icinga training course focused on fundamentals and advanced features.

Date: April 2020

Icinga Configuration Training

1. Configuration File Organization
2. Syntax and Style Guide
3. Checking Syntax, Reloading, Restarting and Other Useful Commands
4. Host and Service Definition
5. HostGroups and ServiceGroups
6. Downtimes
7. Users, UserGroups, and Notifications
8. Zones and Endpoints
9. Node Wizard and SSL Key Generation
10. Connecting Linux Clients
11. Connecting Windows Clients
12. Troubleshooting (Level 1)
13. Additional Configurator Resources

Icinga SysAdmin Training

1. Installation
2. Masters, Satellites, and Clients: The Three-Tiered Configuration
3. Distributed Configuration
4. High Availability and Clustering
5. Upgrading Icinga 2
6. Performance Data
7. Troubleshooting (Level 2)
8. Additional SysAdmin Resources

Cost: $2,400 per seat

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