DevOps Road to Confidence Tour

Automation, Security and Elastic Infrastructure 

Cloud, Automation, and Secrets Management: These aren’t just buzzwords.  They are a fundamental part of realizing innovation and speed to market in your organization.

Without a solid DevOps practice, organizations can lose their competitive edge and fall behind.  Are you interested in DevOps but don’t know where to start?

Join us on the Road to Confidence Tour where you will learn how to:

  • Leverage affordable on-demand cloud-based infrastructure that’s scalable, elastic and software defined
  • Apply configuration management and automation capabilities to drive innovation and efficiency within your organization
  • Recognize and address the importance of securing and managing sensitive data throughout your environments


When:  Thursday, March 23rd 2-5 pm
**Happy Hour to follow

Where: Microsoft Corporation
1125 Sanctuary Parkway I Suite 300
Alpharetta, GA 30009

Bonus:   All attendees will gain access to a custom lab environment to test out Azure, Ansible, and Conjur.


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