Enterprises: Embrace open source development or go extinct

In a recent report, Forrester warns enterprises to evolve their IT systems into systems of engagement which allows customers, partners, suppliers, and machines to engage seamlessly with corporate data – or become extinct.

Those who neglect to embrace open source web technologies are falling prey to digital upstarts. Open source development is accelerating at such a dramatic pace that it threatens those who sit on the sidelines.

Jeffrey Hammod, principal analyst at Forrester, said much of the technological underpinnings of organizations that are revolutionizing their respective industries – the way Amazon has altered publishing and NetFlix put Blockbuster out of business – is built on open source, the cloud, and software-as-a-service.

Forrester noted that, Open Source more than anything as dramatically reduced the cost of innovation – making software innovation 90% less than in years past. The trends are leading away from additional licensing costs that go hand-in-hand with traditional proprietary vendors.

Be warned: Open source is changing the world and enterprises must change their IT strategy dramatically to compete. Shadow-Soft can help prevent your organization from going extinct by aiding in the discovery of your open source strategy.

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