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Simplify cloud complexity with Software intelligence – observability, automation, AI, and cloud-native application security in one platform. Support your entire digital team – from Development to Operations to Business – with a platform that works seamlessly across your full-stack to improve collaboration and drive better business outcomes.

Dynatrace Projects

Automatic and intelligent observability – Dynatrace’s automation capabilities provide the retailer with out-of-the-box observability into its dynamic cloud environment. Its single agent approach means Dynatrace can automatically discover and instrument all application and infrastructure components across the hybrid, multicloud ecosystem, eliminating blind spots and avoiding the need for multiple tools and agents.

Greater cross-team collaboration – A single source of truth for all of the retailer’s digital performance data ensures that its infrastructure, application, and database teams are all speaking the same language and can collaborate more effectively. Teams are also able to self-serve the data and insights they need to understand how digital services can be optimized to create better customer experiences, enabling them to operate more effectively.

AI-powered insights – Dynatrace’s AI-assistance eliminates false positives and offers the retailer precise answers and code-level insights into system degradation or performance anomalies, prioritized by business impact. This helped reduce the number of support tickets generated following the launch of a new application from 700 to just 7 per week, in the space of a single month.

Accelerating innovation – The AI-powered insights from Dynatrace have reduced the need for war room calls and allowed IT teams and developers to spend less time troubleshooting and more time innovating. Teams are also no longer held back by the need to figure out how to monitor a new application or service before it goes live; Dynatrace automatically discovers and instruments it.

The Client:

Bring quality patient transportation, meal delivery, remote patient monitoring, and personal in-home care to homes all across America.

The Challenge:

Improving infrastructure monitoring, so Shadow-Soft was utilized to optimize performance and resource utilization.

The Results:

Reviewed existing Dynatrace alerts in place and provide recommendations
Optimized performance and resource utilization, needed a unified operational view, real-time granular data, and historical reference through Dynatrace.
Reviewed Security, patches and Dynatrace alerts
Reviewed existing Dynatrace alerts in place and provide recommendations

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