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Consulting to help you take the risk out of Docker

Docker is at the heart of the modern app platform, bridging developer and IT, Linux and Windows. Docker works in the cloud just as well as on-premise; and supports both traditional and microservices architectures.

We recommend you use Docker to build, network, secure, and manage containers and from development to production. Docker sets enterprises on the path to digital transformation by enabling all apps to be agile, cloud-ready and secure at optimal costs.

Shadow-Soft Docker Consulting

One Platform For All Apps

Docker provides a unified framework for all apps – monolith or microservices, Linux or Windows, on-premises or cloud – a standard container and workflow for secure, agile and portable apps.

Innovate Faster at Scale

Docker containers accelerate delivery of new apps with microservices architecture by automating deployment pipelines. New features can be released (and rolled back in case of problems) frequently to quickly address customer needs.

Break Down Silos; no lock in

Open interfaces, APIs, and plugins make it easy to integrate Docker into an existing environment and extend Docker to different systems. A common interface allows dev and ops to work together without conflict or disruption.

Unified Software Supply Chain for All Apps

Secure and manage apps from build to deploy and every step along the way. Docker Enterprise Edition provides a unified platform across the app lifecycle, for Windows and Linux, on-premises and in the cloud, and from development to production.

Trusted and certified

Get enterprise-class support running Docker in production at scale with certified infrastructure and plugins. Build apps with certified containers and get assurances from a trusted ecosystem of technology alliances.

Open source DevOps expertise.

We help you realize the benefits of moving to an open source container management platform. Avoid vendor lock-in and scale your business without the risk of higher costs.

Take the power back from your IT vendors.

Our Docker products and consulting services can give you the freedom and flexibility from proprietary vendors.

DevOps consulting.

We can help you navigate the tricky path to faster application development and delivery. Our Docker experts can recommend the right tools and methodologies for your team so you can build and ship faster.

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