DevOps on OpenShift Workshop Roadshow

Join Shadow-Soft and Red Hat for our DevOps on OpenShift Workshop.

The DevOps Workshop provides full-stack and DevOps engineers an introduction to OpenShift and containers and how it can be used to build fully automated end-to-end deployment pipelines using advanced deployments techniques like rolling deploys and blue-green deployment. Bring your laptop!

Roadshow cities and dates

Atlanta: November 6th, 10am-2pm

Tampa: December 10th, 10am-2pm – Register today!

Nashville: February 5th, 10am-2pm

Red Hat Partner

What you’ll learn

  • DevOps Introduction
  • Explore OpenShift
  • Deployment Environments
  • Creating a Simple CI/CD Pipeline
  • Pipeline Definition as Code
  • Application Promotion Between Environments
  • Running the CI/CD Pipeline on Every Change
  • Zero-Downtime Deployment to Production
  • Automated Zero-Downtime Deployment with CI/CD Pipelines
  • Deploying Jenkins Manually
  • Creating Custom Jenkins Slave Pods