DevOps on OpenShift Workshop Roadshow

Join Shadow-Soft and Red Hat for our DevOps on OpenShift Workshop.

This ops-focused workshop is for IT operations, engineers and architects who want practical, hands-on experience deploying and managing containerized applications. Learn how Kubernetes and OpenShift’s container platform can help you deploy and manage applications with increased speed and reliability.

Roadshow cities and dates

Virtual workshop: April 14th, 9:30am-3:30pm – Register Now

Red Hat Partner

Workshop Highlights

  • OpenShift 4: Install OpenShift 4 using the new installer designed for simplicity and rapid cluster deployment
  • Application Management: Deploy a sample application using the oc tool and learn about some of the core concepts, fundamental objects, and basics of application management on OpenShift Container Platform
  • Application Storage: Learn why OpenShift needs reliable storage – for example, to host a database, you need to supply a persistent volume to the pod
  • Operators: Automate operations through the use of Operators – learn about Kubernetes and OpenShift control plane services (“masters”), router, container image registry, cluster metrics collection (“monitoring”), cluster aggregated logging, service brokers
  • Container Storage: Learn how to deploy and manage OpenShift Container Storage (OCS)
  • Log Aggregation: Explore the logging aggregation capabilities of OpenShift’s elastic log aggregation solution: EFK (ElasticSearch, Fluentd, and Kibana)
  • Monitoring with Prometheus: Learn how to monitor cluster components and set of alerts to immediately notify the cluster administrator about any occurring problems
  • Networking: Learn about OpenShift’s Software-Defined Network (SDN) inside the platform that is based on Open vSwitch