DevOps Doesn’t Fit in a Box

As with so many technical terms, DevOps has rapidly devolved into a buzzword. It has become something that can be easily attached to marketing and advertising, like when ‘Cloud’ came to mean everything and therefore nothing at all.

However, unlike so many technical phrases that have come before it, DevOps doesn’t mean anything technical into and of itself. Rather, it refers to a shift in workflow, business processes and organizational communication.

At Shadow-Soft, we take a “CAMS” approach to DevOps: Culture, Automation, Metrics, and Sharing. Notice how only one of the four elements is related to technology. Since technology only accounts for one consideration within an overall strategy, you can’t put DevOps “in a box” and slap a SKU on the back. If anything, DevOps is about thinking outside of the box, not limiting it to only one.

To seriously consider DevOps, organizations should be looking at other critical issues. For example, inclusion of more Dev and Ops personnel and encouraging a culture of process innovation are just as important as technical considerations like Code Repositories, Configuration Management, and Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery systems. The sharing of data between both functions and clearly established & measurable key performance indicators are a requirement for continuous improvement. So when you see solutions that claim to be positioned as “DevOps in a Box”, be suspicious. DevOps is not simply a plug & play technical solution. It is a commitment to cultural change and process improvements across the entire IT organization.

This is where Shadow-Soft can help. With over seven years of developing & deploying successful DevOps solutions, we understand that the DevOps Journey is more than just a collection of technology. It’s a fundamental rethinking of how IT operates. To learn more about how Shadow-Soft approaches DevOps, please attend one of our DevOps Journey Roadshows being delivered across the east coast.

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