Datacenter of the Future – Facebook and Red Hat Team Up

Datacenter consolidation is a major focus in the technology industry.  A poor economy and the constant turn of innovation in the technology sector makes consolidation necessary.  Every industry is being pushed through the efficiency cycle.  Most automakers are releasing hybrid automobiles, appliances are all Energy Star rated, and LEED certified construction is taking place in areas that are still developing.  Technology is always pushing the envelope.  Cloud computing and virtualization are the hottest trends in information technology management.  Many organizations are implementing virtualization strategies as they build for the future.  But datacenters are not going away.  We still need datacenters more than ever as organizations implement its own cloud strategy, which leads to the question: Can datacenters be built around an open source model?

The answer to that question is, yes.  Today Red Hat has teamed with Facebook in the Open Compute Project.  The Open Compute Project aims to build efficient and low cost computing infrastructures.  Using system heat to warm buildings is one of the many ideas that have been implemented in the first Open Compute Project datacenters in Prineville, Oregon.  The cost of running this facility is 25% less than other comparable datacenters.  Red Hat is contributing its Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform as a certified platform for systems in these datacenters.  Once certification is complete, Red Hat plans to roll out its virtualization platform and other suites of open source products.

Read more about the Open Compute Project.

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