Container Management Now On Windows and Linux

In the world of containers, there are a growing number of management options available.  Kubernetes, Mesos, Docker Swarm – and even more complete solutions like OpenShift or EBS. However, when it comes to finding a platform that supports both Docker and Windows containers, your options quickly disappear. Launching out of beta yesterday, ContainerX is the first option to support both Docker and Windows container alike. The caveat being the fact that Windows Server 2016 is still in beta so technically Windows containers are still on the rise.



ContainerX also supports elastic clusters, container pools, and also provides tight integration with VMware’s tools and effectively isolates containers from each other.  This solution is currently unique in that it empowers administrators with the choice of supporting Docker Containers, Windows Containers or both simultaneously.  Agnostically managing containers alone will play a key role in how organizations decide to leverage containers as it was previously only possible to run .NET in a Docker-based Linux host (BETA).  So the question remains, will users leverage Windows Containers for .NET or will the adoption of .NET on Linux drive users to a more cost effective solution?  In the end, cost and speed to market drives everything.  If you’re interested in learning more about containers or are looking for any container-based management options, contact us today!

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