Retailer’s Container Strategy Enables Data Science Team To Ask The Right Questions

What questions would you ask your data if you weren’t restricted by your infrastructure? If you could get answers back in minutes, how would you use this insight to make better business decisions?

Container strategy data science

Business challenge

  • Our retail client is competing with nimble, agile competitors like Amazon. These competitors have data science teams that can run algorithms and provide customer insight in minutes – allowing them to deliver superior customer experiences.
  • The retailer couldn’t compete – it took them six weeks to build infrastructure required to run the analytical models against its data. They relied solely on horse power – using lots of machines that had to be physically architected.
  • Data leakage was a big problem – this created a roadblock that held back new initiatives like a weekly in-app personalized offers.


  • The retailer designed a container strategy with images that interacted directly with its data.
  • DC/OS’s resource maximization capabilities allowed it to scale resources up and down based on demand.


  • The retailer has completely changed the way it looks at data. Now the business leaders are asking questions about their data that they never thought they could get answers to
  • Data science teams can run tests on data models in minutes, instead of six weeks.
  • Infrastructure costs have reduced dramatically using DC/OS’s resource maximization capabilities.

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What questions would you ask your data if you could get answers back in minutes? Contact Shadow-Soft to learn how we’ve helped other retailers use data to create better customer experiences and make better business decisions.