Shadow-Soft Cloud Services

Realize new business outcomes faster and more securely on AWS

Rehosting Red Hat

  • Migrate with confidence
  • Maximize your Red Hat investment
  • Provides a platform for future re-architecting


  • Realize operational efficiencies
  • Implement AWS native services
  • Integrate 3rd party solutions


  • Reimagine how your applications are architected
  • Migrate from monolithic to serverless architecture
  • Seamlessly add features, scale, and performance


  • Simplify the migration and management with AWS
  • Monitor your entire infrastructure
  • Build a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE) with AWS

Building upon our 10+ year history of helping customers with Open Source and emerging technologies and agile methodologies such as DevOps, Shadow-Soft can help you navigate the often complex platform and tooling options for IT consumption, enabling your company or organization to reach its goals quicker, and enable your staff to grow in their careers.