Why Re-Factor?

If you’re looking to optimize your ability to scale your application workloads while reducing operating costs, Shadow-Soft can help navigate how to best leverage AWS native services (e.g. Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, etc). Shadow-Soft’s deep history with agile and micro-service methodologies brings cutting-edge approaches to your software development process to transition your environment to a future-proof container and server-less architecture.

Re-factoring benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduction of operational overhead
  • Leverage of cloud native features
  • Consolidation of multi-vendor complexities

Speak with a Shadow-Soft trusted advisor

For more than 10 years, Shadow-Soft has been a long term partner with companies like Red Hat. We have a unique perspective that doesn’t see you as a transaction, but as a long term partner. Our success is aligned to your success.