Mitigating Risk with a Cloud Governance Strategy

Cloud governance is one of the top concerns for companies. As software starts to eat the world, and companies transform into technology businesses, cloud governance is a challenge that could cause havoc if it’s ignored.

Cloud governance strategy

As cloud adoption soars to 96 percent in 2018, IT needs to take a greater governance role in advising on which apps move to cloud, managing costs, policy-setting, and brokering cloud services.


Companies need to address regulatory and security issues related to full cloud adoption. They need to develop an architecture and approach to cloud that meets all requirements, sets appropriate policies, formalizes governance structures and processes, and creates an architecture to support these initiatives.

You need to take a comprehensive, enterprise-wide approach to cloud governance can mitigate their risk and position themselves to take full advantage of the cloud..

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • Why limitations with exiting systems might be putting your company at risk
  • How to overcome limitations with best practice architecture and process
  • How a leading Fortune 500 implemented a cloud governance strategy with help from Shadow-Soft



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