Cisco and Puppet: Bringing Automation to Next-Generation Networks

Cisco Nexus 9000 Series switches integrate with Puppet Labs bringing more agility, efficiency, & visibility to the data center


As businesses look to IT as a point of strategic differentiation, gaining agility and efficiency in the datacenter becomes more critical than ever. Fundamental to IT’s increasing importance is its ability to respond quickly to changing business requirements. At the same time, IT professionals are continually asked to do more with flat or decreasing budgets. This confluence of factors has caused IT organizations to become eager to adopt technologies that help them deliver efficiency and agility to businesses.


Server virtualization has reduced data center costs by bringing flexibility into the management of computing resources. Automation based on server virtualization has further reduced operational expenses. However, a server-centric view of the datacenter is a limited view. The datacenter has a mix of bare-metal and virtual resources for computing, networking, network services, security, and storage. IT organizations that seek more agility are looking for ways to incorporate automation capabilities into the entire infrastructure.


The automation features incorporated into the enhanced Cisco ® NX-OS Software on the Cisco Nexus ® 9000 Series Switches, and the integration of powerful automation software from Puppet Labs into those switches, help IT organizations bring in the agility and efficiency that businesses want.


The Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches also support the Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) mode. ACI is an innovative architecture that radically simplifies, optimizes, and accelerates the entire application lifecycle. Cisco ACI framework provides open APIs, open standards, and open source elements to enable software flexibility for development and operations (Dev Ops) teams and ecosystem partner integration. The integration with automation software from Puppet Labs with ACI will enable Application Centric automation in the infrastructure.


Shadow-Soft is a strategic Cisco and Puppet Labs partner and Integrator. To learn more about how Cisco Nexus solutions and Puppet Labs can modernize your data center, please contact usClick here for the full Cisco Nexus 9000 Series solution brief.

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